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Universal Company for Mattresses and Foam


Universal Company for Mattresses and foam was established in 2005 in Hebron, it is considered as one of the biggest in the field of producing mattresses, foam, upholstered beds and sofa  in different models , witch satisfy every client and offer the best production, the high specifications to the local and the foreign market widely.


Our vision

To be the leader company in manufacturing mattresses and foam according to international standards and high quality.


Our staff

The company believes that the staff and workers are the most important to successful work, so the company seeks to employ the best human energy and to improve professional base from the staff in different sections to supervise the administrative and productive process constantly. In addition, it works at qualifying its administrative and productive staff and to improve their experience to offer high quality products that meets the client’s needs.


The quality

The company is interesting strongly in quality as it followed the best standards and specifications to the international quality, it applies the quality management system (ISO 9001) to upgrade the administrative and productive system, to get satisfied clients and to offer all products with high quality, and it also applies environment management system (ISO 14001) which in turn guarantees achievement in economic growth by preserve the environment.


The company uses the best raw materials with the modern materials such as the smart sponge (VISCO), flexible sponge (LATEX), pocket spring and special anti-rot, anti-moisture and fireproof cloth as the client needs.


As it considers as an eco-company as there isn’t industrial waste, because of the recycling for the materials which the company uses.


The company’s activities:

The company depends on several main activities, including:

* Production of sponges in different types and shapes.

* Spring and medical mattresses production.

* Medical pillows production.

* Cut the sponge in different shapes and multiple sizes upon request.

* Manufacture of upholstered mattress boxes (Box Mattress).


Customer support and assignment

The company has adopted advanced methods of marketing, as the company has provided a special office for support and consulting services to its clients that works throughout the day and for 7 days a week in order to always strive to serve customers until after the sale.


With confidence we put our products in our hands, and we are all hopeful and looking towards the future.